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We have designed Lanaar, our curriculum, and educational philosophy around nine core values. We aim for every Lanaar student to represent, possess, exhibit, and live by these core values. These values extend from the classroom learning to our interpersonal relationships, to our attitude about Hashem and the Jewish people, and to our homes.

Each of these values is not independent, rather they complement each other in order to build a well-rounded Jew, child, and human being. 


Making Judaism relevant to a child's life. We do this through our integrated-teaching manner and hands-on learning that makes the learning more relatable and meaningful.


We aim to instill love into Lanaar students. This means love of Hashem, love of Yiddishkeit, love of their fellow Jews and community, and love of Israel.


Nurturing happy, proud, self-confident kids who strive to reach their potential.


We pride ourself on our rigorous secular and Jewish curriculum. Thus stimulating growing minds through challenging them intellectually.  


 Giving our students the tools to master critical thinking and the sense of initiative in order to create problem solvers. 


Imbuing a sense of simcha in every child, both when it comes to learning about Yiddishkeit and the practice of a Chassidish life. Simcha underpins everything we do at Lanaar and is present in every facet of the school. 


Instilling a sense of conscientiousness in all our students. Fostering children who are dedicated to their learning, Yiddishkeit, the environment, community, and friends.


We are all about taking ownership - nurturing accountability an awareness of duty in our students. A sense of responsibility to yourself, your peers, your community and world. 


Children have the power to overcome anything. Our role is to encourage and enrich that resilience in all Lanaar students. The resilience to push through problems and take on the world. 

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