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Our story began with the search to find the perfect elementary school for our own children. We were seeking a school that offered a top-quality general studies curriculum combined with an inspiring Kodesh education, imbued with Chasidic values. We wanted a school that was close to our home, with small class sizes and a high teacher to student ratio, ensuring that every child would benefit from the instruction he or she needed to flourish. Though we saw schools that had an element of what we sought, no school had it all.

Thus, Lanaar was born.

We set out from the start to create a school characterized by its values, high educational standards, and a strong moral undercurrent, guided by Chasidic Torah values. Lanaar was to be a bayis of sorts, a loving and caring environment where children feel welcome and cherished. We knew that in doing so, we would set up our children to maximize their potential. 


Our team is comprised of parents, educators, and administrators who are there to ensure that our students soar and are meeting and exceeding educational milestones, allowing them to pursue any avenue as they mature into adults. 

Our story has just begun. Our 2018/2019 year had 15 children and our 2019/2020 school year now boasts 31 enrolled students in two grades. We credit this growth to our caring staff and our comprehensive outlook in terms of molding well-rounded Jews and humans. Here’s to many more chapters of the Lanaar story.

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