Neck Ties




  • Uniform bottoms can be either khaki or navy

  • Uniform tops can be either navy or white

  • Plain white socks

  • Navy zip up sweatshirt with school logo


Aventura Kids

Aventura Kids has Lanaar's uniforms available to order in store or over the phone 305-405-6100. For girls, if you choose the dress option, the logo will be imprinted on the dress. If you choose the skirt, the logo will be on the shirt.

Lands End

Uniforms from Lands End can be purchased online here:

French Toast

Uniforms from French Toast can be purchased online here:



Girls’ skirts and dresses are required to cover their knees. Up until fourth grade, short or ¾ sleeve shirts are permitted. Starting in fourth grade, all girls will be required to wear long-sleeve shirts or shirts with ¾ sleeves. Girls are must wear white socks. Short white socks are permitted.

Boys: Boys are permitted to wear either shorts or pants up until fourth grade. Upon entering fourth grade, only pants are permitted. Boys must wear white socks. All boys must wear a kippa and tzitzis.